Policies Regarding Your Account with PJICC

We at PJICC state that you shall be liable to the purchases completed through your account at our portal. You shall also take up the responsibility of safeguarding your account and preventing unauthorized access to your account on our portal. If you come across any complications or any possible points that could act as a breach of security, you shall inform us at the earliest with your information so that our team can take the right actions to safeguard your account and also of our portal. 

Information Collected On Our Website

When anyone visits our site, we collect data about the device, this data includes but is not limited to knowledge about the web browser, the IP address, the time zone, etc. We also collect cookies that are stored on your browser/device. Furthermore, as you scroll through our website, we gather information that talks about the pages and products that you view. This eventually assists us in improving your experience on our website. All this information falls under our category of “Device Information” that helps us in further improving user experience. The device information is collected through a number of technologies. From the point of viewing the website, to making a purchase, we further gather information such as your name, billing/shipping address, contact details, etc. We also wish to assure you that no information collected from our visitors or patrons shall ever be sold off to third parties. 

Content on Other Websites

PJICC cannot review all the information that has been posted across other websites. Content posted on other websites that backlinks to our website cannot be directly or indirectly related to the website and the content posted on Paul John’s website. When visiting the website, every visitor is responsible for safeguarding their accounts and their devices against all kinds of viruses and Trojan Horses that can be harmful under any circumstances. PJICC shall not be liable to any damages caused during the latter’s visit to the website. 

Intellectual Property and Infringement

At PJICC, we respect everyone’s intellectual property and wish to provide equal rights and credits to the property used by the website. If anyone comes across any data or information on our website that has not been credited or has missed any credits, please contact us and we will make sure that necessary action is taken. The logos and other properties used on the website may be subject to others’ copyright. An individual’s visit to the website does not grant them the liability of using or reproducing any of our materials, be it graphic or physical. 

Editions and Updates

PJICC holds all the rights to update/edit the privacy policy. It is the responsibility of the visitor to time and again check the Privacy Policy page in order to ensure that they are up to date on the recent additions/deletions.